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Winter Wedding

Talking about the {SATC Wedding Cake with Swarovski Crystals} in one of our last blogs, Michaela would like to show you what she meant with «getting ideas when she saw this cake« …. Have a look at some details of one of Michaela’s weddings when the bride was looking for a real white winter wedding in the snow. And there was snow, believe us, you can’t image how much!!!

{The wedding took place in an allover white tent | Photo David Willems for Elegant Events}


{The altar was filled with dozens of white candles | Photo David Willems for Elegant Events}


{Grand white blossoms in antique looking vases | Photo David Willems for Elegant Events}


{Crystal chandeliers on white pedestals | Photo David Willems for Elegant Events}
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We love lamps

You don’t want any wedding gift list, but don’t know what else to do? Why don’t you choose THE perfect gift of your dreams, put this one thing on your list and make life easy for your guests?
Here is one idea for your perfect wedding gift, we hope you will also love |Woka’s | designs!
Made in Vienna in the | Woka workshop |, the Woka Ball light fixture looks beautiful as a pendant or majestic in a group as a chandelier. A reduction to the basics of a lamp: cable + bulb. The possibilities to play with the Ball Lights are endless. Standing next to the installation or under it, you get a feeling that it is uniquely Woka: Striking but elegant.
The Ball Light is the result of the assembling of Kolo Moser lights‘ elements of the Woka Classic Collection, individually made with 18 striking colours for the cables covered in lace, silk and cotton. And the designer is {Christiane Büssgen} who is the incomparable manufacturer’s creative director.

{Cable and a big bulb – that’s it | Woka Lamps Vienna}

{Colored Cables and different fixtures fitting all styles | Woka Lamps Vienna}

{Combine different colors for the Wow effect | Woka Lamps Vienna}
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Hand-selected partners for Wedding Affairs

Wedding Affairs | is Vienna’s premier bridal show with high-class services, ideas and products for the modern wedding. Each exhibitor is hand-selected, each one has to meet our criteria regarding quality and excellent performance to present you the «Best of the Best«. Design, fashion, lifestyle – all for the most memorable day of your life at the | WEDDING AFFAIRS | Vienna 2012 |.
We would love to see you all there, book your weekend trip to Vienna, we will present you the best of the best in wedding business!

{The perfect styling for a perfect day | Photo: Everton Rosa for Elegant Events}


{Flowers, flowers, flowers | Photo: David Willems for Elegant Events}


{Invaluable signs of love | Photo: David Willems for Elegant Events}


{A creative caterer | Photo: David Willems for Elegant Events}


{The most beautiful cake | Photo: Thomas Geist for Elegant Events}


{Unforgettable entertainment | Photo: Thomas Geist for Elegant Events}


{The best locations ever | Photo: David Willems for Elegant Events}