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{ DJ EXPRESS: DJs österreichweit buchen }

Sie sind auf der Suche nach einem erstklassigen DJ für Ihre Hochzeitsfeier?
Kontaktieren Sie doch einmal den DJ EXPRESS! Die Wiener DJ Agentur bucht österreichweit 70 DJs inkl. mobiler Tonanlage, Lichteffekten, Funkmikrofon. Für den nie 100% auszuschließenden Fall von Krankheit oder technischen Problemen vor Ort springt sofort der Notfallservice der Agentur ein.

Ihre Musikwünsche werden erfüllt
Mit Ihrem Angebot erhalten Sie gleich den DJ EXPRESS Musikwunschbogen. Sie können Ihre Lieblingsgenres und Interpreten auswählen und Musikrichtungen ausschließen. Das Repertoire der 70 mobilen Hochzeits DJs von DJ EXPRESS ist jedenfalls breit und tief. Die Hochzeitsparty-Experten spielen einfach „alles“ von den 50ern bis heute, von Hip Hop bis Schlager, von Tanz bis Schranz, Metal bis Folk, Rock bis Pop.

Technik immer mit dabei
Ihre Hochzeitsfeier findet in einer vollausgestatteten Disco statt? Dann erhalten Sie einen Rabatt, da keine DJ EXPRESS Mobildisco benötigt wird. Üblicherweise verfügen die Hochzeitslocations in Österreich jedoch nicht über eine vollständig geeignete Ton- und Lichtanlage. Aus diesem Grund bringen die DJ EXPRESS DJs einfach alles mit. Der Hochzeits DJ reist rechtzeitig an und baut alles in Ruhe auf. Pünktlich zum gewünschten Musikbeginn geht es los, mit …

Hintergrundmusik, Tanzflächeneröffnung & Party all Night long

Haben Sie noch Fragen? Kein Problem: Das Team des DJ EXPRESS steht Ihnen jederzeit gern mit Rat und Tat zur Seite.
Das Team ist telefonisch (+43 650 989 1 993) oder { per E-Mail } zu erreichen.

DJ Express bei Wedding Affairs

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BrautSache•Wien 2013

Das wunderbare { Palais Schönburg } im 4. Wiener Gemeindebezirk ist die traumhafte Location für die nächste BrautSache•Wien 2013 am Donnerstag, den 21. Februar 2013! Was erwartet euch dort? Die neuesten Traumroben, phantastische Brautfrisuren und tolles Brautstyling, Hochzeitslisten, Hochzeitsreisen, Hochzeitsblüten … viel Inspiration für Eure Traumhochzeit!

[

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100 layers of silk dream…

Whenever we can brag about Austrian designers, we do it filled with pride. Michaela Honies is a good proud Viennese by birth, Niely Hoetsch is also one by love. The Viennese designer Michel Mayer is one of our dearest treasures!


More elaborated than ever, Michel Mayer realeased in 2011 her newest bridal & evening couture collection. Each gown is a unique work of art on fabric: Michel Mayer and her team drap sometimes till 30 meters of noble cloth over a corsage. Cloth? Oh yes! All these very nobel relatives of Miss Silk: organza, taft, as well as the faboulous embroided tulle from the Austrian state of Vorarlberg.


Through this elaborate draping work, she wants to suggest movement, transparency and lightness. That is all her gowns are: transparent, light, special and very beautiful…


{A light bride… | Michel Mayer 2012 Fall-Winter Couture}


{A special bride | Michel Mayer Spring-Summer Couture}


{A very light, special and beautiful bride! | Michel Mayer’s catwalk}


{Michel Mayer’s touch at the BrautSache.2012}

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Do It Yourself!

Do It Yourself

Sure we love the DIY thing! Actually, for years we have been looking for good ideas in Austria and we rejoice at every new inspiration, special detail, and every new creative soul in the market.

When Birgit Horn came on the road through her Wedding Avenue, what a joy she brought to all good taste brides looking for the DIY thing! We were thrilled because Wedding Avenue is a perfect online shop where brides may find all those little wonderful things to make any occasion more special. Birgit loves what she does, and how delightful it is to listen to her reporting her findings around the world.

However, since any DIY concept can get expensive and chaotic without the perfect planning and the help of others, there is another reason to make us so proud of Wedding Avenue in the Austrian market. It is the fact that an experienced and very professional wedding planner is behind it. Nobody needs to just buy, pay and take it from Wedding Avenue: Birgit Horn is there to advice, inspire and guide anyone on texture, colours, quantity and styles, all within the available budget. We love her motto „mix and match“!


So, what are you wating for? Just go through the and get creative!


{„Bansaga“! So it is called the japanese umbrella, which always become a special touch to wedding decoration concepts. | Touch of colors}


{Funny little things… Everybody loves them! | „Pin up äh pimp up your wedding….“ }


{For papeterie lovers… | „Mix and Match“}


{… lovely stationary… | Note sets}


{… so many different lovely paper stuff! | „Wrapping Wedding“}


{Ladies & Gentlemen: voila our beloved Birgit Horn…}


{… and her Alter Ego: the coolest bride in town, walking down the Wedding Avenue!!}


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A fragile proposal

The new «let’s get married« season is ahead of us and it brings so much about it! Each single detail to do with «getting married« is so exciting! The gown, the shoes, hair & make-up, the venue, the guests, the favors, the menu, sweets & cake. Oh my dear! All these things should be special and unique. The whole «getting married« thing is just to be felt as things to get you as happy as never before.

We wish to propose you just the best, the most beautiful and special, because we believe you are unique. After so many people asking us about ideas how to «propose« in unique ways, we gave lots of thought about it.
And our very first choice falls into … | Augarten | !
Not very long ago, one of the Augarten geniuses came up with the idea to | personalize their delicate jewelry boxes |. Thank you, whoever did it. This precious little porcelain boxes are now one of our favorite «love envelopes«. We invite all the Romeos to read our blog today and think along with us:
A love declaration for my valentine to marry me!!!

And all cupids on this Earth will stand by your side for you to be kissed and become a prince!

{A fragile proposal | Augarten Porzellanmanufaktur Wien}

{A fragile proposal | Augarten Porzellanmanufaktur Wien}

{A fragile proposal | Augarten Porzellanmanufaktur Wien}


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Winter Wedding

Talking about the {SATC Wedding Cake with Swarovski Crystals} in one of our last blogs, Michaela would like to show you what she meant with «getting ideas when she saw this cake« …. Have a look at some details of one of Michaela’s weddings when the bride was looking for a real white winter wedding in the snow. And there was snow, believe us, you can’t image how much!!!

{The wedding took place in an allover white tent | Photo David Willems for Elegant Events}


{The altar was filled with dozens of white candles | Photo David Willems for Elegant Events}


{Grand white blossoms in antique looking vases | Photo David Willems for Elegant Events}


{Crystal chandeliers on white pedestals | Photo David Willems for Elegant Events}
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We love lamps

You don’t want any wedding gift list, but don’t know what else to do? Why don’t you choose THE perfect gift of your dreams, put this one thing on your list and make life easy for your guests?
Here is one idea for your perfect wedding gift, we hope you will also love |Woka’s | designs!
Made in Vienna in the | Woka workshop |, the Woka Ball light fixture looks beautiful as a pendant or majestic in a group as a chandelier. A reduction to the basics of a lamp: cable + bulb. The possibilities to play with the Ball Lights are endless. Standing next to the installation or under it, you get a feeling that it is uniquely Woka: Striking but elegant.
The Ball Light is the result of the assembling of Kolo Moser lights‘ elements of the Woka Classic Collection, individually made with 18 striking colours for the cables covered in lace, silk and cotton. And the designer is {Christiane Büssgen} who is the incomparable manufacturer’s creative director.

{Cable and a big bulb – that’s it | Woka Lamps Vienna}

{Colored Cables and different fixtures fitting all styles | Woka Lamps Vienna}

{Combine different colors for the Wow effect | Woka Lamps Vienna}
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Hand-selected partners for Wedding Affairs

Wedding Affairs | is Vienna’s premier bridal show with high-class services, ideas and products for the modern wedding. Each exhibitor is hand-selected, each one has to meet our criteria regarding quality and excellent performance to present you the «Best of the Best«. Design, fashion, lifestyle – all for the most memorable day of your life at the | WEDDING AFFAIRS | Vienna 2012 |.
We would love to see you all there, book your weekend trip to Vienna, we will present you the best of the best in wedding business!

{The perfect styling for a perfect day | Photo: Everton Rosa for Elegant Events}


{Flowers, flowers, flowers | Photo: David Willems for Elegant Events}


{Invaluable signs of love | Photo: David Willems for Elegant Events}


{A creative caterer | Photo: David Willems for Elegant Events}


{The most beautiful cake | Photo: Thomas Geist for Elegant Events}


{Unforgettable entertainment | Photo: Thomas Geist for Elegant Events}


{The best locations ever | Photo: David Willems for Elegant Events}


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Es werden immer mehr …

Mittlerweile haben wir schon viele, viele Zusagen für die | WEDDING AFFAIRS | Vienna 2011 |, wir sind total begeistert – und aufgeregt!
Einer unserer neuesten Zugänge erfüllt unsere strengen Kriterien an das spezielle Medium „Hochzeitsvideo“ besonders gut: | Thomas Koppler | bringt frischen Wind in die Szene. Ganz nach unserem Geschmack hält er sich bei „seinen“ Hochzeiten dezent im Hintergrund und fängt das Geschehen ein, ohne darin einzugreifen.
Denn was ist das Wichtigste für ein gelungenes Hochzeitsvideo, für gelungene Hochzeitsfotos? Den Geist, die Energie des Tages einzufangen – und nicht die Wünsche eines ehrgeizigen Filmers oder Fotografen zu erfüllen. Thomas mit seinem | Visual Elegance | Team weiß das ganz genau und erfüllt damit seinen Paaren den größten Wunsch – eine unvergessliche Erinnerung an den schönsten Tag Ihres Lebens!

{Christine und Richard | Thomas Koppler}

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A wedding needs
a good wedding list

Are you one of those who think „I already have everything. What is a wedding list for?“ Come on! The idea of a wedding list is to help you either to create your new home or to make your home complete. A wedding list is intended to make you have those items which will be treasured and last a lifetime.
Wedding Affairs | Vienna 2011 | is honoured to have | Lobmeyr | presenting its own wedding list concept. There you will have great people helping you to put together your perfect wish. It can be anything, but everything is supreme. Give a thought about the great collection of {Alpha glasses} you may end up with. It will be a colour potpourri! Take | Hoffmann | to your place and feel the pleasure of celebrating with your friends the touch and the flavour of Champaign. And so it goes on. Lobmeyr has 50 years of wedding list tradition. There you find besides Lobmeyr glassware itself, all the grand brands of china, flatware and entertaining pieces.
Almost anything can be yours! Just ask for it. It is your wedding, your chance. Let it be your pleasure! And please have no doubt that it will also be a pleasure for those sharing your joy.

{Sparkling and glamorous, the store in the Kaerntnerstrasse | Lobmeyr}