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100 layers of silk dream…

Whenever we can brag about Austrian designers, we do it filled with pride. Michaela Honies is a good proud Viennese by birth, Niely Hoetsch is also one by love. The Viennese designer Michel Mayer is one of our dearest treasures!


More elaborated than ever, Michel Mayer realeased in 2011 her newest bridal & evening couture collection. Each gown is a unique work of art on fabric: Michel Mayer and her team drap sometimes till 30 meters of noble cloth over a corsage. Cloth? Oh yes! All these very nobel relatives of Miss Silk: organza, taft, as well as the faboulous embroided tulle from the Austrian state of Vorarlberg.


Through this elaborate draping work, she wants to suggest movement, transparency and lightness. That is all her gowns are: transparent, light, special and very beautiful…


{A light bride… | Michel Mayer 2012 Fall-Winter Couture}


{A special bride | Michel Mayer Spring-Summer Couture}


{A very light, special and beautiful bride! | Michel Mayer’s catwalk}


{Michel Mayer’s touch at the BrautSache.2012}