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A wedding needs
a good wedding list

Are you one of those who think „I already have everything. What is a wedding list for?“ Come on! The idea of a wedding list is to help you either to create your new home or to make your home complete. A wedding list is intended to make you have those items which will be treasured and last a lifetime.
Wedding Affairs | Vienna 2011 | is honoured to have | Lobmeyr | presenting its own wedding list concept. There you will have great people helping you to put together your perfect wish. It can be anything, but everything is supreme. Give a thought about the great collection of {Alpha glasses} you may end up with. It will be a colour potpourri! Take | Hoffmann | to your place and feel the pleasure of celebrating with your friends the touch and the flavour of Champaign. And so it goes on. Lobmeyr has 50 years of wedding list tradition. There you find besides Lobmeyr glassware itself, all the grand brands of china, flatware and entertaining pieces.
Almost anything can be yours! Just ask for it. It is your wedding, your chance. Let it be your pleasure! And please have no doubt that it will also be a pleasure for those sharing your joy.

{Sparkling and glamorous, the store in the Kaerntnerstrasse | Lobmeyr}